Random Thoughts of
My Human Experience

Welcome to My Life's Journey Blog

A lot goes on in the brain of Harriet, Certified Wellness Empowerment Coach and seasoned connoisseur of life's journey.
A lot!
As a result, I am always trying to understand the human condition through my daily life experience. Each day there is a new lesson learned about life … each day a new way of processing what life is teaching me on this, my journey. I invite you to tag along with me as I share these lessons and experiences as I figure out my purpose in this human condition. 

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A little bit about me!

Who is Harriet?! Honestly, I am still trying to figure it out; hence this blog. Just because I am a Certified Wellness Empowerment Coach doesn't mean that I have all of the answers.  I am still taking the time to capture the moments within this experience so that I can get to know her a little more each day. Let's explore her a little bit more.

Get to know me!

Random Photos of My Human Experience

I love to capture life on my iPhone.  It brings me joy.  I feel life's moments are so fleeting that having a reminder of that brief second allows me to confiscate it and keep it all for myself, until now. I am willing to share. 

Welcome to my random moments captured in photos.


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