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About Harriet

I am a bundle of mismatched yarn, weaving through loops and slots, trying to free myself to be a useful line of material that will be part of the great design of the creator’s vision. This is My Human Experience!

A few years ago, I hated everything about who I was. I hated being over 200 pounds. I hated not being able to feel strong and confident enough to walk away from the life that was killing me. I felt hopeless and lost. What I saw was a bleak future for myself and my daughters. I felt it would never change. I felt I was not good enough and lacked faith that I could ever live the life that I wanted.

It wasn't until I realized that I could choose my own path … that I was in control of the direction of my life flow … that I was able to make the changes necessary for my own happiness, my growth … my step toward freedom … toward my purpose, that things stared to change.

I accumulated my life experience, along with lots of book learning and embarked on the path of becoming a Certified Wellness Empowerment Coach.  It was the design of the universe and my destiny. Everything that I experience, all the people that I met along the way, and many inspiring conversations on both sides,  impelled me to believe and accept that I am right where I'm destined to be; right now, at this moment, in this time. 

It is through these realizations, and journaling that I started to better understand the human condition and connect with what it takes to find my strength, power and control.

Journey with me as I share these realizations via the random thoughts and experiences that show up in my everyday life. Let's unravel and untangle life's experiences and conundrums and allow ourselves to dive deeper into our human experience.

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